Instant Access

Instant access to qualified sign language interpreters

Qualified SASL

Shortage of qualified sign language interpreters makes Virecom an attractive alternative

Sign Language Interpreters

Sign language interpreters can be expensive and difficult to book at short notice.

Comply with Legislation

Helps comply with legislative and regulatory requirements

National Coverage

National coverage

Ongoing Training

Ongoing training and support

Video Remote Interpreting

What is VRI?
What is VRI?

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is a modern solution for remote language services with the support of technology.

Virecom is an effective solution for language barriers because it delivers real-time, convenient and cost-effective sign language interpreting services using video technology. The hearing and Deaf participants are in the same location and the interpreter is located remotely in different location.

Broadly, the following service points can be made accessible with the use of Virecom service:

Public Health Care

Public Healthcare Services

Deaf people are more at-risk for delayed care and misdiagnosis due to communication barriers. Equal communications access is critical for all patients to ensure proper and effective medical treatment is received. Virecom meets the communications needs of Deaf people and complies with the Use of Official Language Act 12 of 2012 at healthcare facility.

South African Police Service

South African Police Service

Deaf people experience lack of access to Police services to report crime, domestic abuse and violence against them in general. This results to cases of emergencies not being reported or dealt with due to inaccessible services at Police Stations across the country. Virecom meets the communications needs of Deaf people and complies with the Use of Official Language Act 12 of 2012 at Police Stations.

Financial Institutioin

Financial Institutions and Banking

Banking institutions need to be accessible too and Virecom provides a responsive technological tool to meet such a need. Virecom can assist provide a suitable solution.

Education Institution

Education Institutions

Virecom strongly believes that equal communications mean equal opportunities—and a better future for our children. Technologically innovative products and services will empower students to succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Public Services

Public Services

Virecom will make workplace reasonable accommodation easy and accessible for Deaf people to ensure a diverse, fully integrated work environment in the public service. Government departments and agencies at all levels need to be accessible and to respond to the Use of Official Language Act 12 of 2012 to create an accessible language environment for Deaf community.

With Virecom services, you will:


Save money

Save Time

Save time

Pool of Interpreters

Access to industry’s large pool of best interpreters

Virecom can be used today across many versatile platforms including:

Walk-In Customers

Walk-in customers

Medical emergencies

Medical emergencies

Rural communities

Rural communities

Last-minute events

Last-minute events

Court proceedings

Court proceedings


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